Day Care Chemotherapy

The Oncology Care Associates has an exclusive day care chemotherapy unit. It includes an expanded day stay for patients needing chemotherapy, blood products, and other types of infusions or advanced services which might otherwise require hospitalisation. This day care administration allows the patient to walk home the same day after chemotherapy infusion saving both time and resources. The day care unit offers extended hours, a variety of comforting treatment settings and advanced care support. Its goal is to help cancer patients fit medical care into their lives.

The Day Care Centre is run by a fully trained nursing staff and medical officers under the supervision of an oncologist. It offers different treatment settings to fit the needs of individual patients. It also helps patients to receive their therapy in a light, open environment that allows for interaction with others.

The centre is well-equipped with central chemotherapy preparation area (Laminar Flow), good Intravenous access, central venous access, Porta cath, Hickman's catheter, peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) and many other types of equipment which are used under the guidance of qualified oncologists.


Vision and Mission

Our vision at Oncology Care Associates is to provide comprehensive cancer care to patient and their families.

Our mission is to support patients undergoing treatment for the cancer. To offer them Faith, Strength, Life, Family, Love, Understanding and push them to Never give up HOPE!