Medical Oncology Service

The Medical Oncology service service provides outpatient consultations, day care chemotherapy, minor procedures (bone marrow studies, intrathecal chemotherapy) and in-patient care for chemotherapy.
The Medical Oncology service is doing more to help patients recover from illness. It provides comprehensive care and treatment for adult and paediatric patients and families who face cancer. Patients receive a wide range of treatment and nursing services to help them recover. Our recognized and respected staff work with patients who have a variety of illnesses – common and rare – including cancers of the breast, ovaries, lung, colon, uterus, bladder, skin, testicles, prostate and brain, as well as blood-related cancers such as leukemias, lymphomas and multiple myelomas.

Medical Oncology services include:

  •   Screenings and diagnostic testing.
  •   A full span of treatment options including chemotherapy and biological agent therapy.
  •   Support services including nutritional and psychosocial counselling, rehabilitation services to counter the side effects of treatment, and support groups for patients.
  •   Treatment planning
  •   Transfusions of blood products
  •   Managing symptoms related to the disease
  •   Managing side effects caused by chemotherapy and /or radiation therapy

Integrity and respect for each patient are guiding principles for staff on the Medical Oncology service. Each staff member accepts the responsibility to bestow compassionate care to all of our patients.  In addition to providing excellent nursing care, our team also offers emotional support and assistance for the patient and his or her family.


Vision and Mission

Our vision at Oncology Care Associates is to provide comprehensive cancer care to patient and their families.

Our mission is to support patients undergoing treatment for the cancer. To offer them Faith, Strength, Life, Family, Love, Understanding and push them to Never give up HOPE!